Jodi thinks.. (joddles) wrote in pokekids,
Jodi thinks..


Age: 20

Location: Brisbane

If you could be any pokemon which one would it be and why? well i think pikachu is so damn adorable, and how they say "pikAchuuu" or whatever gets stuck in my head. but i also like squirtle cause hes so cute.

Tell us about yourself: I'm a student for another 24 hours, then i will finish my degree, chances are i'm moving to this small town called Emerald in central Queensland for a job, which i'm so excited and scared about. I'm hyper, i drink party and work alot. i talk at about 1000 words per minute so dont expect to understand me.

Promote us some place and give us the link!! (we will check) On my profile

Please post two or more clear pictures (one must be a face shot)

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