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Yet another elitism rating community..
PokeKids has little or no relevence to pokemon or does it?

The rules are simple we vote and if you get enough 'yes' votes your in, if not your rejected. Our ruling is final.
If you comment on any other entry other than your Application before your voted in, you will be banned.

Once your accepted your willing and encouraged to post about whatever you possibly want.

The Application. The questions are quite simple, so answer to the best of your ability. Copy & Paste the Following:

<lj-cut text="APPLICATION!">




<b>If you could be any pokemon which one would it be and why?</b>

<br /><b>Tell us about yourself:</b>

<b>Promote us some place and give us the link!! (we will check)

<b>Please post two or more clear pictures (one must be a face shot)</b>


Everything is done for you, so don't fuck up the application.. KTHNX.

speedmissile and michaelgoodall